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TEDx iPhone App and TEDx Android App Open Sourced

This post is a little late since I haven't had much time blogging about it lately.  After request of making Apps for bunch of TEDx events, I've decided to open source iPhone and Android apps.  The database is still using Microsoft SQL Server 2008, once that's switched to Google Docs and becomes a more open platform I'll open source it as well.

Michael May has revamped the entire iPhone App which made the code a lot cleaner.

Folks at TEDxPSU is helping to polishing up the website which currently can be previewed at http://www.tedxapps.com

While working at my full time job at Catch.com, the team here were able to help me further improve the app which turned into unofficial TED App for TED2011 on both iPhone and Android.  After few weeks of hard work, we were able to push them into the market for TED2011 attendees.  You can search for "TED2011" on iTune or Android Market to download the application.

Following TEDx events were part of the feature suggestion for the project

  • TEDxTransmedia
  • TEDxAsheville/TEDxNextGenerationAsheville
  • TEDxOrlando
  • TEDxFullerton
  • TEDxAlcatraz
  • TEDxBasqueCountry
  • TEDxDubai

Source code for the project can be found on gitHub TEDx iPhone App TEDx Android App

If you need any help on these applications feel free to contact me.

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Error Domain=com.google.googleanalytics.GANTrackerError Code=12245589

While I was working on iOS and google analytics, it wasn't working and keeps poping error like the one below. 


Analytics error: Error Domain=com.google.googleanalytics.GANTrackerError Code=12245589 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.google.googleanalytics.GANTrackerError error 12245589.)


After hours of search through the forums and looking back and Google Analytics behavior I found out the reason, Google Analytics needs to treat everything as a "page", and every page needs to have a "/"


so the fix:


if (![[GANTracker sharedTracker] trackPageview:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"/%@/%@", IOS, [self class], nil]

withError:&error]) {

DLog("Analytics error: %@", error);



as you can see, add a / in front would eliminate the error (com.google.googleanalytics.GANTrackerError error 12245589.)




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