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My TEDxAdventure: Jungle experience

Photo by Oliver Wolfe and TEDxAdventure

Perhaps it is because I’ve grown tired of partying that I try to avoid the over- commercialized New Year celebration and instead felt drawn to the uncomplicated grounds of wilderness. I appreciate being surrounded by an atmosphere where I can feel the touch of nature that will provide ultimate healing towards one’s soul. 

As I was on my way to plan my itinerary for solo hiking Torres Del Paine in Chile, my friend Nate Mook posted the information about TEDxAdventure.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s fate, or maybe it’s just another one of these hints that life provides you from time to time; there are things in life that will lead to more self-discovery. We gravitate towards the events that will alter our self-healing and further our worldly endeavors. After all, it was my first TED event back in 2010 that ultimately changed my life.

This was definitely a memorable trip. I find that as I grow older, good memories are harder and harder to come by; what was once extraordinary now becomes a mundane act that we are too accustomed to. This trip was different, though. It provided me with not just a glimpse of the jungle life, but also many memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  The understanding of jungle farming, skinny dipping with thirty other people, horseback riding in the jungle, rock diving in paradise hole, and a sweet ending that took place on a rooftop party on New Year’s Eve with friends that I’ve bonded over past week was nothing short of an amazing time.

The lesson I’ve learned from the trip is that inefficiency must often be present in order to find real connections and a genuine experience. Unlike many other TEDxAdventure attendees that post in the group, I didn’t really build up much anticipation for this event.  My life had been too efficient and redundant to the point where I simply have to get up and finish my work on time, and all the other hassles in life such as laundry and cleaning life will be taken care of.  My food intake mainly involves blending fruit and vegetable shakes, so that I can provide myself with more nutritional meals in a shorter period of time.  After our first night of arriving at Kalu Yala Camp, I’ve realized that a routine lifestyle can be counter-productive in life, leading to a void that can only be filled by genuine contentment. I continue to harbor the belief that in order to obtain friendship and human resolution, you must save yourself time to do things you love rather than become swept up in having a corporate conduct in all aspects of life. We live in a world with so many stories to reap, so much knowledge to absorb, so many people to genuinely bond with, and so many memories to live.

The experience I gained at the TEDxAdventure left me with memories to last several lifetimes. As Salman Rushdie once said, “Memory is a way of telling you what's important to you.”  May this adventure be a marvelous memory for all those who took part in it.

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